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Your investment expert and coach... Jantzen Young

I know the real estate and investment world can feel scary and risky. I also know how much hard work (and oftentimes, literal blood, sweat, and tears) goes into the investments you make in real estate. Combine that with juggling a full-time job and trying to spend time with your family and kids (so that you don't miss out on their growing years!) it can be TOO MUCH! Yes, I've felt many times that I needed to make several clones of myself.

What if I told you that there is an easier way to real estate investing? A passive way that can make you more money with less work?

"Get out of here!" Nope, I'm not kidding. I've lived and breathed this for the past 4 years! I even got financially secure enough to RETIRE myself AND my husband in the middle of a global pandemic!

What holy grail did I discover? I realized that most of the time, in real estate, the lenders are the winners and the investors are actually, the losers. Lenders make more income than the real estate investors, without even so much as lifting a hammer! These were with loans as little as $5,000.

Now my passion is to empower others to live a life of financial freedom through passive real estate investing. I am especially passionate about giving back to my community, and supporting others in contributing to socially-conscious investments.

Let me partner with you in achieving financial freedom! I'm so excited to give back to the community in the Be The Bank Challenge! Can't wait to see you there!

Kenesha Lewis, Alumni

Felisha Johnson, Alumni

Shantae Forbes, Accountability Coach

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